@masterpiano – Reloaded twaddle RT @SteinwayAndSons: #Steinway Artist @lang_lang reveals what’s on his phone and the craziest place he lost it (hint: it may have someth… https://t.co/WO8S8e5uep

RT @SteinwayAndSons: #Steinway Artist @lang_lang reveals what’s on his phone and the craziest place he lost it (hint: it may have someth… https://t.co/WO8S8e5uep

Who was your most recent phone call with? And how long did it last? It was with my record company to discuss the release of my upcoming album. It took over one hour.

At what battery percentage do you start to charge your phone?Whenever I see a power socket, I immediately plug my phone in—in my hotel room, in a concert hall’s greenroom, in the car.

Are there times when you try to stay off your phone entirely? On concert days and when I am on vacation.

Biggest time-wasting app: YouTube. I love watching performances by Heifetz, Horowitz, Rubinstein, Pavarotti and many other great masters of the past.

Favorite food/restaurant-related app: OpenTable and Yelp are very important sources during my extensive travels.

Favorite fitness/workout app: Not strictly a workout app, but I like Calm for meditation, mostly on the plane.

Favorite podcast: Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review on the BBC, and I also have a weak spot for Recode’s Pivot, which is about the newest business strategies in tech.

Most surprising app you use: Night Sky. I use it in different cities that I travel to. If you hold your phone up to the sky, it shows you which star formations you are looking at.

Strangest autocorrect mishap: My phone once turned Beethoven into “beet root concert.”

Craziest place you’ve ever left your phone: Inside the Steinway—I searched for it desperately and had almost given up, until I heard some strange sounds coming out of my piano during rehearsal.

App I wish someone would invent: The Beam Me Up Travel App that takes me from continent to continent in seconds.

Favorite ringtone: Not “Für Elise.” I love the piece; it is a masterwork of music, but I have heard the most terrible ringtone renditions.

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