Pirates – Orchestra Sound Track


In a edited interview mixed with studio orchestra Hans Zimmer comments on the sound track to Pirates of the Caribbean.

After a brief video intro Hans says inspiration comes through the sheer terror of trying to get it done ..

(music session with video – smpte – as recording is underway)

I think that this is really Gods vision, and Gods work, and ultimately I’m just happy that he asked me to be on board again, literally, ha ha wink wink on board

(more of the recording session)

This is, this is so much just trying to serve the directors vision and really I believe that’s what it should be about

(more music and film where Jack Sparrow says ‘we are looking for this, the chest of Davy Jones’)

It’s a – it is a fairly good double act by now, Jerry says turn left, I’ll go no no no no , we must turn right, and somehow out of that scramble comes a completely new idea.

(more music recording the ending then laughter and cheers – ‘thank you’ from the conductor)

i wrote what is generally known amongst my troops as the ‘Jack’s Suite’ which is six minutes of mahemn and craziness which is really where we get most of the ideas for this movie from.


I was thinking of my old friend Keith Richards and stuff like that you know, give it a bit of attitude, give it a bit of, you know, that whole thing.

(music Jack Sparrow says ‘what is it that has Jack spooked? How much do you know about Davy Jones?’)

I don’t really play to much of the comedy

(music and Jack says’ it is a key, it is a drawing of a key gentlemen for what is it that keys do?’)

I play everything for real and I think you know I did it in the first one too. I think that’s part of the secret of keeping the whole idea of this going, you are allowed to get excited, you are allowed to keep a secret, you are allowed to fall in love

I tried to ignore the enormous pressure on us to try to deliver something that is far superior than the first movie, more action, more fun, more romance, more death, more dieing, more pirating, more arrgh!

(movie clip of the octopus man screaming ‘Jack Sparrow’)


‘there are common moments when you have the chance to do the right thing’

Jack replies -‘I love those moments I like to waver them as they pass by’

(music – end)

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