piano_tuning_master_kitts11.jpgI was hired as a piano tuner-technician upon completion of my schooling at Westchester Universities All-Steinway School of Music and Bostons North Bennet Street School, AN EDUCATION IN CRAFTSMANSHIP, by William McCormick serveral years after he purchased Jordan Kitts Music.

Although I worked for “Kitts” for only three years my core skills were honed at Kitts as I “cut my teeth”, piano tuning back in the day. Kitts is where I was allowed to work and thrive under “Bill” McCormicks newly established leadership.

I will always remember Bills genuine concern the following morning after I had broken my nose in a parking lot mishap one rainy night early on at the beginning of my time at Jordan Kitts Music. In those days Bill and everyone at Kitts were world class.

Bill once said that to much love for the piano product can get you into trouble, but so can too much attention to the numbers, a left brain right brain tug of war. Perhaps this sort of thinking enabled him to collect the talent to lead the piano music industry to a loftier goal, the bar being raised just a notch higher.

A guiding light, Bill will be missed but remembered for the stamp he has left upon the music industry

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