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Veritune…a better way…

This is a terrific series presented from Chicago land by Drwoodwind

Part six (six of six) is a video usng the Verituner to tune a piano in the confines of a practice room somewhere in Chicagoland

Drwoodwind starts tuning the treble and says

next time I do one of these (Mason & Hamilton) I want to over pull the treble a little bit more than I did last time

looks like just this first section

Looks like I really missed the overpull up here even more than when I gave it the first pass

thats better…

you have to taper way at the top…

on the first pass

there’s a correlation to jump you know to the next…

looks like I beat an hour…55 minutes or so

(plays chords)

You could always go over it again, some voicing, or check out some of the action problems

buzzing etc

(plays a song)

end of this series



Veritune…a better way…

This is a terrific series presented by Dr Woodwind from Chicago land

Part five (five of six)is a video using the verituner to tune a piano in the confines of a practice room some  where in Chicago land Part five begins tuning the middle section of the piano.

Then Dr Woodwind says

now that we’ve got the middle section

lets go ahead and get the bass strings (begins the bass)

I go ahead and force a ‘recalc’ if I hit something new and I know a lot of people just like to go ahead and do the bass strings.

(some chords at the end of tuning the base)

Then up to the treble

Drwoodwind mutters….

if your still with me



Veritune…a better way…

This is a terrific series presented from Chicago land by Drwoodwind

Part four (four of six) is a video using the Verituner to tune a piano in the confines of a practice room some where in Chicagoland

During more tuning we hear a couple of coughs probably from dust flying off the piano hammers

a rough test playing of the Mason & Hamilton

then Drwoodwind says

well…we’re closer lets go ahead and switch to fine tune, lets see where we ended up

You can actually use the over-pull here if you want to and mark where you missed



Veritune…a better way…

This is a terrific series presented from Chicago land by Drwoodwind

Part two (two of six) is a video using the Verituner to tune a piano in the confines of a practice room somewhere in ‘Chicagoland’.

Drwoodwind said now we’re gonna press and hold …clear all our markers so we’re starting fresh

We’re ten minutes in so far. Sometimes you’ll get better measurements if you move the unit around.

I’m trying to keep it here so you can see it.

And again

because we’ve over-pulled one note already

we only need to…

need less overpulling

If you need to reset zero over-pull

(come over here…) [Drwoodwind talking to the device]



VERITUNE …a better way…

This is a terrific series presented from Chicago land by Drwoodwind

Part one (one of six) is a video using the Verituner to tune a piano in the confines of a practice room somewhere in ‘Chicagoland’.

Drwoodwind said it’s January outside of Chicago, it’s a Mason & Hamilton upright, indoor humidity is 21% so naturally it’s pretty flat

Today I’m going to try and pitch raise and fine tune as efficiently as possible using the Verituner. I will display all three over pulls, so it’s roughly 10% in this area, 25% in this area and 35% overpull in this area

The goal is to, after the first pass, be as close to a fine tuning as we can be so there is minimum adjustment left to be done for that final pass

The Verituner needs to get some information, it will update it’s information as we go (in real time)


it’s about 20 % err- 20 cents flat, I’m working to fill the [ I ] (Inharmonicity) I’m on the medium ‘zoom’ right now and I’m actually going to start these about half way between the first two arrows. I only have the needle displayed A3 A4 is in the ‘bracket’ for the temperment. I’ll go ahead and give it A5 so it knows about what (Inharmonicity) is there

And now it’s a matter of going through the piano giving it the information it needs to fill those [ I’s ]

Notice how I sound the note first to let the VERITUNER start calculating before I even move the hammer

starting at about twelve o’clock over here taking my time in this temperment section to try and fill the [ I ]

This should work for any style even the built in styles or one of my custom styles (one for all)

I’m measuring the right string, when I come back and tune this piano for good, I’ll be working on the left string over-pull


this isn’t so much a ‘tuning’ pass as a ‘measuring’ pass until we reach the bass strings, just while I’m working I might as well get something done.

If you are ‘close’ you can use the ‘ zoom ‘

I’ll go ahead and pull the unisons for these three strings (in the bass section) here

Notice it was a miss measure over-pull but I know that I was just over pulling the previous note less than a cent.





Life is an adventure in forgiveness

Forgiveness is a healing

journey for both body

and soul…


and the freedom of letting go

Forgiveness is a creative act that changes us from prisoners of the past to liberated

people at peace with our memories…

There is no future…

in the past

Non-forgiveness keeps you in struggle. It is not forgetfulness, but it involves accepting the Promise that the future can be more than dwelling on memories of past injury. To forgive means to “give up” to let go. Being willing to forgive can bring a sense of peace and well-being.

You can never live in the present and create a new and exciting future for yourself and your love partner if you always stay stuck in the past. When we forgive, we are willing to give up resentment, revenge and obsession. We are willing to restore faith not only in ourselves, but in life itself

It takes no strength to let go…only courage

Life either expands or contracts in direct proportion to your courage to forgive. Forgiveness is the most important single process that brings peace to our soul and

harmony to our life.

Forgiveness is not something we have to do, but something we must allow

to flow through us. We become aware that we are free and we can project that love outward into

the world

The natural flow of divine love dissolving all hurt, all bitterness, all sense of injustice. Just allowing the divine grace to express through us, to forgive through us. Forgiveness is the key to your own happiness. It ends the illusion of separation. Forgiveness is a form of love within the context of a personal crisis. The act of forgiveness constitutes

a mental bath

letting go of something that can only poison within. Forgiveness helps you make peace with your past. It creates the freedom to create a new future beginning now!

Change is constant. There is tremendous freedom in letting go. It is liberation to free our selfs of things that clutter our lives. Like pruning dead branches or like a snake shedding an old skin, we need to let go of the ‘what no longer serves’ or what no longer fits so there is room for something new, alive and what is needed at this time in our lives. When we stop holding on and clinging to anything, we realize we have everything. We no longer need to feel burdened by the responsibility of having to hold onto something

To forgive is to remember, that we have room in our hearts to begin again

and again and


Give yourself the gift of forgiveness, forgiveness is the freedom of

letting go

to forgive is to remember that we are so much more than our mistakes

The Humanity Healing Foundation

Larry James is author of “How to Really Love the One You’re With Affirmative Guidelines for a Healthy Love Relationship.”

© 2012 Larry James Reprinted with permission

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